Transitioning Into Commercial Property Masterclass

 A step by step guide HOW to profit from commercial property in the UK 

 Commercial property training delivered by a property professional who actively invests


 This course will teach you 

  1. How to find and buy high cash-flowing commercial property NOW!
  2. How to find off market and under valued opportunities to build a safe & secure portfolio.
  3. The benefits of investing in commercial - giving you more time to enjoy life, less hands on, less risk
  4. How to use tools including my Deal Analyser and Offer Pack Template which are included within the course material. 

                                             All this and more for £3,594 (inc VAT)


                  This course is for residential investors buying commercial property for the first time or for commercial investors to grow your existing portfolio. My course will help you avoid costly mistakes and maximising value.


                       COURSE OVERVIEW              


 .                           I have distilled 20 years of Commercial Property Surveying experience and Asset Management knowledge into


 8 Modules that cover:


Commercial Property Trends and Opportunities.  

How and where to find commercial property opportunities.  

The criteria that makes a good commercial property investment. 

How to value commercial property.  

Leasing and Tenants: Due Diligence, structure, finding commercial tenants.

How to reduce risk in commercial property investment.  

Commercial property tax advantages.  

Financing commercial property investments, how and strategy.



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